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Terms & Conditions

The fee for the initial assessment consultation sessions is always payable in advance.  

For subsequent therapy sessions, once a therapeutic contract is agreed, you will be billed monthly. 

Missed and cancelled sessions will be charged at the full session rate (£100.00). 

All fees are non-refundable. 

The Psychologist reserves the right to review therapy fees at regular intervals, once work commences.


By booking a therapy consultation you are indicating that you have read and accepted the following Terms and Conditions:

You are over 18 years of age and are booking a therapy for yourself.

You are agreeing to the cancellation and refund policy.


The Psychologist reserves the right to refuse access to the premises where there is reason to believe that the terms and conditions have been breached, or where threatening, bullying, harassing or disruptive behaviour occurs.

The Psychologist will not be liable for any losses or expenses. 

Where payment for sessions has been arranged through Insurance, and the Insurance does not compensate the Psychologist for session(s), you will be responsible for covering such outstanding costs. 

Privacy & Confidentiality

Material discussed during sessions (and communication outside of the consulting room) is private and confidential. At times, I will discuss my work with a qualified within the same field colleague. They are bound by the same code of ethics; thus, the same rules about privacy and confidentiality apply to them, too.
As a clinician, I have a duty of care to my clients and to the public. If at any point in the clinical work I become concerned about potential or actual risk, I am bound to act 
to protect the best interests of my clients, the public or both. Usually, I discuss such concerns with clients first. However, I reserve the right to break confidentiality
without doing so if this is the best course of action. Whenever, there is a need to break confidentiality, the information is always shared on a need to know basis.


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